In 2018, Humboldt State University’s School of Education was awarded a $2.7 million grant by the U.S. Department of Education’s Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions program. HSU will receive the grant award over five academic years, 2018-2023.

At its core, this grant aims to increase the academic success (achievement, retention, persistence and graduation) of Hispanic and/or low-income students; increase the number of culturally responsive, diverse teaching credential candidates; and build HSU’s capacity to train, model, and produce educators who emphasize culturally sustainable pedagogies in and beyond the classroom. The DHSI grant intends to increase Humboldt State University’s capacity as a Hispanic-Serving Institution through centralizing the knowledge, experience, and goals of students of color and low-income students.

Explore our website to see some of the ways we’ve already begun this big project, and check back for more updates as we expand.

Promotoras Critical Scholars DHSI grant goals

1 the academic success (achievement, retention and graduation) of Hispanic and low-income students

2 the number of culturally responsive, diverse teaching credential candidates.

3 building HSU’s capacity to train, model, and produce educators who emphasize culturally sustainable pedagogies in and beyond the classroom.

Campus Partners

El Centro Académico Cultural

The collaborative partnership with El Centro and the DHSI grant

  1. funds a graduate assistant position for 20 hours a week
  2. partially funds speakers brought to campus by the El Centro
  3. collaborates with El Centro’s  student staff members to facilitate two ateneos- facilitated conversations in a Socratic circle style

CouRaGeouS Cuentos

CouRaGeouS Cuentos is comprised of cuentos (narratives) written and edited by students enrolled in the ES 107: Chican@/Latin@ Lives class. This project, under the leadership of CRS faculty member Nancy Pérez, lies at the intersection of best practices for student learning and student retention. Not only are students writing for publication, and thus seeing themselves as active producers of knowledge, but they are filling a void in the academy, as their stories and the stories of their communities have largely been missing

Writing Studio

One of the DHSI coordinators, in partnership with Jessica Citti from the Writing Studio, developed an embedded tutor model to use in the Freshman Learning Community. The DHSI Program Coordinator participated in the recruitment and hiring of two tutors who will work with the freshman students. An online Learning Management site was developed (Canvas) that includes reflective writing prompts, tutoring skill development materials and selected readings. Tutor training is scheduled for August.


A collaborative partnership was developed with the Retention Through Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP). A DHSI Program Coordinator participated in RAMP’s hiring process for fall semester. On-going meetings with the RAMP director continued during the spring semester to clarify expectations and organize for the partnership. As part of the HSU Learning Community model, Creando Raíces students are all assigned to one RAMP mentor. Regular updates and meetings with the mentor and Program Coordinators takes place as part of ongoing communication and professional development of the mentor.

CouRaGeous Cuentos Group Photo

CouRaGeous Cuentos at work