Grant Overview

Inherently intersectional, the DHSI: Education grant at Cal Poly Humboldt is centered around diversifying the local and broader teacher candidate pool and improving Humboldt’s capacity to support and serve low-income students and students of color.

The Promotoras Scholars’ DHSI Project was funded on 9/29/18, six weeks after the beginning of the fall semester at Humboldt. The first two months of the award were spent meeting with campus partners, establishing communication networks with college administrators, organizing and meeting with the Promotoras Scholars’ executive committee and updating the timeline for project.

  1. Enhance & expand undergraduate teacher pathways through curricular changes
    1. Curricular changes: Freshman and Junior Year
  2. Enhance Integrated Support Services
    1. Promotoras Leadership Training: Transformative Educators
    2. Writing Studio: Embedded Writing Fellows
    3. Collaboration with El Centro Académico Cultural
    4. Retention through Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP) mentors 
  3. Professional Development for University faculty and staff
    1. Building culturally responsive classrooms
    2. Professional Learning Communities
      1. Creando Raíces Faculty
      2. Undergraduate Teacher Pathway Coordinators
Students on BSS balcony