Future Teacher Scholars

What are the Future Teacher Scholars programs?

These stipend programs offer all students interested in becoming a TK-12 teacher enhanced hands-on learning experiences. These professional development opportunities include the following:

  1. Do-It-Yourself Teaching Adventure Program

  2. Faculty sponsored Instructional Assistant employment

  3. DHSI Facilitated professional development opportunities

Who Can Be a Future Teacher Scholar?

Our three programs work to connect current Humboldt students with opportunities to explore and enhance teaching experiences. Each program offers unique programming focused on social justice teaching practices and provides paid opportunities for participation.

Any current Cal Poly Humboldt student interested in becoming a teacher can participate in our Future Teacher Scholars Programs.

About the Programs

Each semester the DHSI: Education Grant sponsors student attendance and participation in monthly events that highlight the broad range of topics offered by Humboldt's School of Education and campus-wide social justice programming. Students who attend up to 10 hours of eligible events receive a $300 financial aid stipend.
Each semester, the DHSI: Education grant sponsors the employment of Humboldt students as Instructional Student Assistants (ISAs). This program sponsors the development of mentor relationships between faculty and future teacher students as well as offers paid opportunities to explore teaching. 
Each semester, Humboldt's School of Education faculty develop a weekly speaker series geared toward current teacher candidates. Students who attend at least 10 sessions receive a $300 financial aid stipend.

These programs are funded by Cal Poly Humboldt's DHSI: Education project and the College of Professional Studies.